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Angler fish,Deep Sea Angler fish,Angler fish Habitat,Angler fish male and facts on Angler fish

Have you heard of a fish that goes fishing? Angler fish is a fish for which the scientific name is Lophiiformes. They are bony fish and are named for their predator mode using the lure in front of fish's head which attracts prey.

Deep Sea Angler Fish

This predator is Carnivores that weighs up to 110 lbs and grows up to 40 inches.More than 250 species of Angler Fish have a lure, an appendage they use to attract other fish to eat.Growing from the top of the fish's head, the lure is long and thin and often has a feathery end that attracts prey. Even if the lure gets damaged while hunting, the lure will grow back.

Angler fish light 

A deep water angler fish known as The black sea Dragon has a lure with added attraction.In the dark depth of ocean, light producing bacteria live in its lure.The bacteria and black sea dragon gets benefit from each other. Bacteria feed off Sea dragon and in turn helps the predator to attract fish to prey on.

Angler fish occur worldwide living in deep oceans and in the continental Shelf.It is believed this fish was evolved 130 million years ago.The teeth of the fish are curved inward. Angler fish male are smaller in size compared with the female fish, hence they are known for Sexual dimorphism and symbiosis.The lure of the male fish attracts the female fish for mating.
This angler fish looks angry and it is said it is the ugliest animal on Earth.The interesting fact of Angler fish habitat is that is lives in one of the most extreme condition, namely the lonely and dark depth of the sea.One can see this fish in the movie finding Nemo. They vary from grey to brown colour and found in Atlantic and Arctic oceans.The lure looks like a juicy,fat worm which attracts the pray. 


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