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How does Rocket Work? Principle Behind Working of Rocket - Newton's Law

Rockets are the most interesting things that the children and even the adult people are fond of, for centuries even from the day since man has been created people always had the anxious about flying like a bird into space which ultimately led to the discovery of Rockets at this present age. Now here in this post you are going to learn about the most interesting and Incredible facts of Rockets such as origin or invention of rockets and also you are going to learn the principle of how does rocket fly?

How does Rocket Work?

Principle Behind Working of Rocket

Before learning the facts about the working of Rocket or principle behind its working,let us first learn some facts about the ideas that led to the invention of rocket and how the rocket was invented. Fasten your seat belts to go for a ride about rockets....

Invention of Rockets

Rockets invented and worked out

At 1232CE to the Chinese city Kaifeng was invaded by Mongolian hence to defend them the Chinese used firework missiles which were actually the first rockets!!!but the invention of Gun powder around 800CE gave the idea of rockets and made the invention of rockets possible.During 20 th century many rocket science techniques were pioneered by US physicist Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882–1945),who is know as the father of modern rocketry,

Other than Chinese and US,German scientists too made important impressions in the invention of Rockets.In world war 2 German used V-2,which is a rocket propelled missile. Later Rocket was used by Russians to make a giant leap of entering into space.They fired Sputnik in 1957 with a dog named laica in space,then US made a feat of sending living human to land on moon in 1969 with use of rockets.Nowadays rockets are the mandatory equipments to launch satellite into space by many countries around the world.

How do Rockets work?

Newton principle behind Rocket

To be crisp the rockets mainly work on the principle of Newton's III law which states that,"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"This theory make the myth that rockets push the air to move forward as false because the space is devoid of air. The hot gases fired by the propellent of rocket engine produces enormous amount of force downwards(action) which is counteracted by the opposite force upwards(reaction) that lifts the rocket and make it propagate it into space. The most important factor to be considered in the launching of rocket is the Escape velocity.

Escape velocity is the velocity to be attained by any object to escape from earth's gravity field and escape into space.Hence theoretically rockets much achieve speed of 11.2 km/s or 40,000 km/h (Escape Velocity) to escape from gravity and enter into space. Initially at start this escape velocity cannot be achieved hence with aid of propellent the rocket is lifted against gravity and as the rocket goes up the curve the velocity is gradually achieved by series of injections by the fuel. Rocket achieves the needed kinetic energy gradually to attain the escape velocity.To explain in simple way a rocket must do work against the gravitational force as it travels over a distance.

Rocket Engine

Working of Rocket Engine

The working of rocket engine can be explained easily. The initial lift of rocket is achieved by propellent which is also known as solid rocket boosters. As these cannot be controlled they are used only for lifting of rocket.As there is no air in space,rocket must carry oxidizer. The Rocket contains a combustion chamber at the bottom where mixing of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen from oxidizer takes place.This mixing causes burning of oxygen and hydrogen producing hot exhaust that escapes through nozzle producing thrust.Thus ensures lifting and propagating of Rocket.And as rocket propagates this process takes place at regular intervals ensuring rocket maintains its escape speed.

Hope you acquired great knowledge regarding the Rockets, How does rocket work, Invention of Rocket,Rocket engines,Working of rocking engines...Thanks for reading also learn more incredibles facts about nature and science in our webpage.


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