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Facts of Kumbhalgarh, the long and great wall of India also beauty of Earth

Everyone had heard about the longest wall of the world, which is the great wall of China but to your surprise now you are going to learn about the longest wall of India. Only a few would know about this monument of India. Now we are going to learn about the long wall of India called as Kumbhalgarh. This Kumbhalgarh fort is located among natural scenes of forests and desert and hence considered or gives the appearance of natural fort among forest.

Kumbhalgarh, the long and great wall of India 

facts of Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh wall or the Kumbhalgarh fort is the longest wall constructed in India and it is located in western India. Kumbhalgarh Fort is a Mewar fortress andis located in Rajsamand District of Rajasthan. This Kumbhalgarh Fort is a Mewar fortress in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan and was built by Rana Kumbha in 15th century. Kumbhalgarh Fort was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2013. 

Incredible facts of Kumbhalgarh, The Long wall of India

History and Construction of Kumbhalgarh fort

  • Kumbhalgarh wall is the longest wall of India that extends up to 36 kilometers and also this is the second longest wall of the world.

  • It is Built at about 1100 meters above sea level and it consists of 360 temples within it.
  • This fort has seven fortified gates and frontal wall are fifteen feet thick.    
  • Aravalli  Range and Thar Desert views can be seen from this fort.
  • A volunteer Human sacrifice was made based on the advice of spiritual advisor and the fort was built upon his Body.
  • It is known as the Great wall of India
  • out of 84 forts 32 forts have been designed by the emperor Rana Kumbha.
  • During the construction the king burned down 50kg of ghee and 100kg of cotton to provide light for farmers who constructed the fort at night time daily.
  • This Kumbhalgarh fort was constructed for defensive purpose only.
  • Kumbhalgarh fort was successfully built by Emperor Rana Kumbha the descendent of Sisodia Rajputs.
  • The Kumbhalgarh fort  consists of 21 furnished rooms for accommodation
  • The travel arrangement of Kumbhalgarh Fort consists of camel safaris, village tours, sightseeing and wildlife sanctuary excursions.
  • Kumbhalgarh is the birth place of Maharana Pratap.
  • This Mighty Kumbhalgarh fort had never been conquered.
  • Kumbhalgarh is one of the largest Shivling of India
  • This fort is a great example of Architecture of Indians and also this fort is Eco-Friendly.

Hope You enjoyed this Incredible fact of Kumbhalgarh, the long wall of India...This Fort is a beauty of India.

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  1. I was very surprised that in India there is so much beautiful wall . The article was very happy for me to read.Nice post.