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Incredible Facts of Universe and also the Definition, Observation, Origin, Existence and Elements of Universe

Ever you have wondered or dreamt what lies beyond our earth and solar System? Have you got some time to see the Awesome glittering stars above your head and praise God for creating such wonders? Many people around the world enjoy these awesome elements of mysteries that exist beyond our Earth. These elements and heavenly bodies which includes moons,  planets, stars, galaxies, Gravitational force, Radiation Belts, intergalactic space elements, some smallest subatomic particles, matter and energy, the dark matter and dark energy, Black holes, Light are Collectively named or called as UNIVERSE. In simple words the Universe is defines as the Total or totality of Existence that exits and expands, till now the exact measurement of Diameter of Universe cannot be measured even with our advanced technology.

Incredible Facts of Universe

Definition, Origin, Existence and Elements of Universe

Definition Facts

As said before, “Universe is defines as the Total or totality of Existence that exits and expands” and it consists of elements and heavenly bodies which includes moons,  planets, stars, the dark matter and dark energy, Black holes, Light galaxies, Gravitational force, Radiation Belts, intergalactic space elements, some smallest subatomic particles, matter and energy etc… The word universe is derived from the Latin word universum, in which the word uni implies “one” and versum implies or denotes “something that rotates, rolls, changes”. Many theories have been put forth by many geniuses from ancient days regarding the observations of Mighty Universe, for instance cosmogonies and cosmologies are such mind blowing theories, also gravity concept by Sir. Newton, Geo or Universe models by Greek and Indian Philosophers, Solar System’s heliostatic model of Copernicus, Newtonian model of our solar system etc have also been suggested by Great Astronomers including Aryabhata.

But now putting these theories back you are going to learn some astonishing, interesting and incredible information and facts of Universe. So wear your seat belts and be ready for an awesome imaginary travel in the spacecraft of your mind as you learn about the incredible known and unknown facts of Universe.

Now learn fast incredible facts of Universe and also about the Origin, Existence and Elements of Universe.

Facts and Information of Universe

Known and Unknown facts of Universe

The known and unknown facts of universe are collectively posted or depicted below which will surely give you the feeling of wonder of travelling around the astonishing, vast and mighty Universe.

Facts of Origin of Universe

  • For many centuries people believe that universe may have a beginning and when the discovery of cosmic microwave radiation was done in 20th century gave people some evidence that Universe might have a beginning 
  • Timeline of Universe Hd image 

  • There are many theories regarding the origin of Universe and also the Ultimate end of our Universe. One such theory is Big Bang, which proposes that our Universe originated from an extreme dense hot phase called Planck epoch. In this Planck epoch, the gravity force retained all sorts of energies; matter etc… which then got exploded or inflated to form stars, planets and other heavenly bodies and this inflation continues till now as the Universe expands. This Planck epoch extended from time of zero to 10−43 seconds approximately. But no evidence had been submitted to prove this theory because it does not explain the origin of life and accuracy of natural laws. Also many religious views are widespread regarding the Origin of Universe. 
  • And from Planck epoch, series of incidents named Quark epoch, Hadron epoch, Lepton epoch and Photon epoc which are called as Big Bang. This over all process of Big Bang is assumed to be lasted for some 13 billion years.

  • There are two popular theories about Universe, they are:1. Big Bang Theory2. Multiverse Theory
  • Big bang Theory as seen above speaks about the Expansion and Red shift of Universe. It also depicts the origination of protons, neutrons and hot plasma region and also the stars and planets.
  • Multiverse Theory states that our Universe is one of many universes that exist.
  • But the end of Universe is not known, even by great Scientists such as Einstein.
  • Einstein field equation of Universe is:
  • Also special theory of relativity equations of Einstein, related to time and light of Universe are: 
  • Babylonian Astronomers were the first people to make research in Astronomy, they though universe as flat disk which floats in seas. 
  • Aristarchus, Aristotle, Aryabhata, Philolaus, Galileo are some of Astronomers who proposed the model of Universe. Among them Aristarchus was the first astronomer to put forward the heliocentric Model of the Universe and it was later proven true by science.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus, great astronomer said that, “In the center rests the Sun. For who would place this lamp of a very beautiful temple in another or better place than this where from it can illuminate everything at the same time?” and revolutionized the science world.
  • Isaac Newton, Christiaan Huygens, Edmund Halley, Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking are some modern scientists who done research on astronomy and many of them passed away. 
  • It is believed that all life and other particles of universe are originated from Higgs Boson but still no evidence is provided to prove that and cannot be provided because God is the one who created everything!!!

Facts of Existence, Elements and Nature of Universe

  • Have you ever thought or imagined about the boundary of Universe? You can’t not even the Genius Scientists can, because the Universe created by Almighty God is Infinite and do not have any Boundary. But some Theories suggest that universe may not be infinite, for instance consider this, “The sky is dark as night this may be because the universe is finite not infinite, if it is infinite then everywhere you looked, your line of sight would land on a star, together with an infinite amount of time for all starlight to get to us, hence the sky is dark so we must live in a finite Universe”. This is called Olber’s Paradox.
  • With our advanced technologies we are able to measure the diameter of the universe to some extent; this known or discovered part of universe is called as Observable Universe and the diameter of this Observable Universe measured was 91 million light years (light year is defined as the distance travelled by light in one year at the speed of 300000km/sec), also the age or time of existence of Universe is assumed to be an average of 13billion years.
  • Though people believe that space of Universe is complete Vacuum but Astronomers and Space researchers believe that universe is not complete vacuum, they believe that there may be at least three atoms per cubic meter. Also some Astronomers believe that our mighty universe might be one among many Universes which exists similarly. 
  • The Universe does not stay constant or in other words the universe is continuously expanding by time and the rate of expansion of Universe is Increasing, that is why the stars and heavenly bodies that reflect light and visible to our naked eyes gives the effect of Red colour as they are moving or expanding faster.
  • Among the four fundamental forces, Gravity is the weakest force hence it dominates and controls the Universe.
  • The Three main principle of Universe are space-time, forms of energy (momentum and matter) and the physical laws.
  • The shapes of universe are considered to be: 

  • Even though Universe was dominated and controlled by Gravitational force other mysterious forces such as Dark matter and Dark energy also comes into account that was discovered recently. 
  • The three possible shapes of Universe are shown below,
  • Hydrogen, Deuterium and Helium are the main elements found abundant in the universe, our Sun also gets fuel by the reactions between these elements.
  • Have you heard about Dark energy? If not then you will be surprised to hear that Dark energy is the mysterious force that opposes the Gravitational force. It is responsible for the expansion of the Universe till now but except name no other properties of Dark energy is known till date.
  • As Universe is very vast we can see or observe only a very small part of the Universe due to limitation of speed light. The rate of expansion of Universe is very high and greater than the speed of Light but as we observe only small part we cannot able to sense that. This shows how mighty and vast our universe is.
  • As you read before the Observable Universe measured was 91 million light years, but this does not remain constant as the universe is continuously expanding faster than speed of light.
  • Our Milky Way Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter and the nearest galaxy to it is Andromeda Galaxy, also called as Sister Galaxy of Milky Way is located at 2.5 million light years away from our galaxy.
  • In the observable Universe there are more than 100 Galaxies
  • These Galaxies ranges from dwarfs to giants. The Dwarf galaxies may consists of ten million stars while Giant Galaxies consists of one trillion stars or more.
  • “Our observable Universe may consists of 300 sextillion stars” says a recent research.
  • Our Universe is made of ordinary baryonic matter. It consists of atoms, planets, stars, galaxies, and life.
  • Our Universe contains nearly 30% of dark matter and 69% dark energy which accelerates the expansion of the universe.
  • This is how our Universe is aligned many atoms are condensed to form stars and planets, then stars form into Galaxies, galaxies form as local groups, local groups to clusters, clusters as super clusters and finally super clusters form together to form the largest-scale structures called as Universe, the mighty creation of God.

  • The Universe is highly composed of Microwave radiation and other radiation belts.
  • The most amazing fact is that if the Universe is very dense it will re-collapse into singularity and also if our Universe has low amount of matter then the expansion of universe will be greatly accelerated, So that no planets, other heavenly bodies and even life can form and sustain. This shows the intelligence in creation by God.
  • Solar system also travels around Milky Way and the time taken to complete one orbit is called Galactic Year, which means 239-259 million years. Our solar system has been in existence for around 20 Galactic years.
  • Uranus has 27 moons and all the moons are named after the characters of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.
  • Dark matter is a mysterious energy and it contains most of the Universe mass. This concept was first used by Fritz Zwicky in 1933.
  • Since Pluto’s moon is around the size of Pluto, Both heavenly bodies are considered to be double dwarf planet.
  • The closest planet to Sun is mercury, but mercury has ice craters in it.
  • Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are made of gas rather than solid.
  • Our solar system consists of 9 planets as we already known and additional two planets are said to be discovered named Corot 7D and Xena.
  • Mars the planet near to Earth has two moons named Phobos and Deimos, which means fear and panic named after Greek mythology.
  • Do you know that over One million Earth can fit on the sun!
  • Saturn’s E ring may contain salt in it and this gives an idea that its moon Enceladus can hold an underground Ocean.
  • It is suggested that every Galaxy might have a massive black hole in the middle which exerts heavy gravitational force on the surrounding bodies and there is a Black hole at the midst of our Galaxy which is 13 million mile in Diameter.
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was established on July 29, 1958 and their head quarter is located in Washington D.C.
  • Another new ring that surrounds Saturn was discovered by Spitzer infrared telescope.
  • Our sun is young and it is 3, 30,330 times larger than earth.
  • Our sun provides 126,000,000,000,000 horsepower every day to our planet but its energy cannot be stored as we are lack of technology for storing such huge energy.
  • Black Holes are also mysterious object of Universe and its Gravitational force is so strong that it can attract or swallow any objects in the Universe, even a star and light!!! If an object of 1kg weight is brought near black hole at the range of 5-6 m the object would weigh up to a million million tones.
  • Black hole hd image

  • The largest known star is called as Canis Majoris, if it were to be placed at the position of Sun it would devour up to Jupiter 
  • The moon is nearly 1 million times drier than Gobi desert.
  • Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to us, which is about 49 trillion miles away (4.2 light years). This star lies in the Alpha Centauri star System. The brightest star ever found is Sirius star A and B which is about 9 light years away.
  • The Distance between Sun and Moon is 150,000,000 kilometers but the distance is not constant
  • There may be about 100 billion Galaxies in Observable Universe. Galaxies are of three main types: Elliptical Galaxies
  • Spiral Galaxies
  • Irregular Galaxies
  • The Earth is orbiting the Sun at the speed of 30km/s. The Sun is orbiting the centre of the Milky Way at the speed of 220km/s. The Milky Way moves around the region of space called Great Attractor at the speed of 1000km/s.
  • Each Galaxy contains Stars, Stellar remains, gas and dust and finally the dark matter. The Dark matter accounts for about 92% of mass in most galaxies.
  • The planet Saturn has a storm on its north pole called as the hexagon which may be nearly 14,000 km long at the speed of 200m/hr 
  • A full moon is nearly nine times bigger than half moon.
  • The brightest stars in clear sky are nothing but Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury. 
  • The comet’s tail is formed as the sun melts the ice and dust particles in it, when the comet approaches it… 
  • A neutron Star named Magnetar has magnetic field one thousand million million times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field. 
  • Comets are rich sources of water and carbon while asteroids are rich in minerals. 
  • Super Nova is defined as the explosion of stars in lack of Fuel; especially it happens among white dwarfs. 
  • A star named as LP 327-186 also called as white dwarf is smaller than Texas but very dense. It would weigh nearly 1.5 million tones when brought to Earth. 
  • The first Asteroid was discovered in 1801. 
  • Halley Comet is seen once for every 76 years and it was last seen on 1986. 
  • A star named as Upsilon Andromeda B is hot as lava on one side and freezing cold on other side. 
  • The Universe is said to contain about 50,000,000,000 galaxies and each galaxy may contain 100,000,000,000-1,000,000,000,000 stars in them. 
  • The longest and deepest canyon in the solar system lies in the planet mars called as Valles Marineris. 
  • Mirrors have been left in the moon by Astronomers for measuring the distance between Earth and moon accurately by laser beams. 
  • A supernova can release energy of 125,000 triilion trillion times than a Hiroshima bomb explosion which can release only 84 trillion joules of energy. 
  • A supernova hd image.

  • Each Galaxy make their own stars and the fastest star making Galaxy is called as Star burst Galaxy which produces 4000 stars per years! This galaxy is also called as “Baby Boom”. Our Galaxy can make only 10 stars per year. 
  • Spinning stars are also found in Universe and the fastest spinning Pulsar star is named as PSRJ1748-2446AD which spins 70,000 km/s at its equator but it is only 16km wide!!!spinning Pulsar star hd image 

  • Jupiter is the fastest Rotation planet in the solar system. 
  • The diameter of moon is roughly around 2000 km. 
  • Opposite of black holes may exists white holes and it may spray out matter and light from them 
  • Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon on July 20, 1969. 
  • Jupiter is the heavier planet, in fact it is heavier than all other planets put together. 
  • Do you know that just a half a billionth of energy only reaches the Earth from the Sun!!! 
  • Earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system. 
  • Mercury and Venus don’t have moons. 
  • About 3600 comets have been identified till now. 
  • Venus and Uranus are the only planets that rotate clockwise. This movement is also called as retrograde rotation. 
  • It takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth, 12 min 47 sec to reach Mars and 6 hours to reach Pluto. 
  • The weight of the moon is about roughly 80 billion tones. 
  • Neptune planet has the fastest wind speed of 1400mph. 
  • The great red spot in Jupiter is a hurricane storm which was detected around 1600. 
  • In the clearest night humans can see around 3000 stars. 
  • Venus do not have seasons at all.
  • Our Sun is a star made up of 70% hydrogen, 28% helium and 2% metals and has a diameter of 1,390,000 km

Hope you have enjoyed by these facts of universe but these are just a small piece of facts about universe, there are million more facts of stars, Planets and other elements and heavenly bodies of Universe that are to be posted soon…so stay tuned and please subscribe if you find our facts useful.


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