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Incredible and Amazing facts of Nature, Animals and Science for Kids and Adults

Homo-sapiens or Humans are wondered about the Nature around them since they were created, especially humans are fond of Animals, their abilities, power and adaptability to environment and tried to resemble their abilities in Scientific ways such as Airplanes motivated by birds and sonar equipment motivated by bats. Also humans for centuries rely on Science for studying Animals and other mysteries of Universe, and now you are going to learn some incredible facts of Animals and Science that wondered humans for decades. Thanks God for creating such Beautiful Nature for our happiness.

Incredible facts of Nature, Animals and Science for Kids and Adults

Amazing facts of Animals

Animals are among one of the species that helps us to sustain our Environment and Earth other than tree and plants. They also gives us immense happiness and also they also show love on Humans when treated fairly. Man's best friend is known as to be Dog for centuries because of its love and security. They share our joy, happiness and Sadness. Hence Animals around us should be loved and conserved. Now learn some Amazing facts of Animals around us and get inspired by their abilities.
  • Do you know that Animal kingdom comprises of 95% of Insects!
  • Have you ever heard about the longest tentacles? In 1870 at Massachusetts bay an Arctic lion mane Jelly fish was found and the length of its tentacles measured was nearly 37 meters!
  • The biggest Dinosaur once lived was named as Stegosaurus and it was measured to be 30 feet or 9.1 meters long! But it had brain only the size of a walnut...
  • The far most venomous snake in the world is Inland Taipan. Do you know why? Because a single bite of Inland taipan can kill more than 100 humans! But its good to hear that these do not like to show themselves in front of humans as they feel shy...!

  •  Seismosaurus was the largest lived Dinosaur ever discovered. The dinosaur weighs about 80 tonnes and stretches about 100 feet long!, but the biggest mammals that even lives today us blue whale which weighs about 100 tonnes!.
  • The number of brains a silkworm moth has are 11.
  • Whales communicate to each other by making loud clicking noises and these sounds travel very good under water to a maximum distance of 100 miles!

  • Humming Birds can fly Backwards
  • The most poisonous animal is Poison dark frog or poison arrow frog that habitats central and South America.
  • The only Animals that can cry tears and blush are humans.
  • The Bite of Crocodile is the strongest in animal kingdom that reaches nearly 4000 pounds and 15 times greater than great white shark.
  • Dolphins and Chimps are the only animals that can Recognize themselves in mirror.
  • Some animals such as Starfish do not have brain.
  • Sea comprises of 95% of all plants and animals that live on earth.
  • Crocodiles are believed to be the Oldest Animals on earth and may exist before the time of dinosaurs.
  • The first virus was found in both plants and animals about 100 years ago.
  • Rats are known as the high productive species because a couple of Rat can produce 15,000 new rats within a year!
  • Giraffe have no vocal chords and hence they can make no noise.
  • Snakes only eat other animals and does not eat any plants, hence they are called as true carnivorous.
  • Snails can sleep up to 3 years!
  • Sharks are immune to all type of diseases naturally, they are not attacked even by Cancer disease.
  • Fastest animal is Peregrine falcon, a bird that dives at a speed 380 km/hr...!
  • Chimp share 98.4% of our DNA and slug share 70% of our DNA.
  • The eye of Atlantic Giant Squid is very large and measures up to 16 inches.
  • Blue colour attracts mosquitoes
  • About 100,000 preys can be consumed by army ants every year.
  • The scientific name of lion is panthera leo while the scientific name of tiger is panthera tigris.
  • Dogs and humans are the animals with prostates
  • Blue whale can weigh up to 150 tons.
  • Fastest landanimal is cheetah 120km/hr and fastest animal is peregrine falcon 380km/hr.

Nature and Science facts

Now learn some interesting and amazing facts of Nature and Science.
  •  6000 million million million molecules of Hemoglobin is found in the body of a Healthy human.
  • Astatine is the rarest element on the earth. Only a small amount of 28g of Astatine is found on the crust of the earth.
  • Einstein’s theory of general relativity explains that gravity pulls matter as well as space and time!!!
  • Based on the Einstein’s theory of relativity, if you travel in the speed of light you will not experience time at all!
  • A gallon of water equals to 3.8 kg.
  • The sand deposits in Sahara desert expand up to nearly 2,700,000 square miles.
  • Human brain has nearly 1,000,000,000,000,000 connections in human brain.

  • Alan shepard was the first man to hit first golf ball on the moon on February 6, 1971.
  • In living beings Humans only have the capacity to sleep on their backs.
  • Our Sun loses 360 million tons of material every day.
  • The IUPAC name for water is dihydrogen monoxide.
  • Bermuda triangle is located between 80-90 degrees west and 30-20 degrees north. It is a mysterious area and nearly 66 ships and planes are disappeared here.
  • The longest place name is: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitamatahu. It is the name of a hill in New Zealand.
  • Raindrops hit the earth surface at a maximum speed of 18mph.
  • The colour of Sky appears to be blue this is because of Refraction of the Sunlight.
  • The first alarm was invented by Egyptians about 3500 years ago and the atomic clock was invented by UK scientists on 1955.
  • At the Tokamak fusion test reactor, USA the highest temperature was produced up to 920,000,000 Fahrenheit or 5111,000,000 celsius.
  • Green light is the colour emitted by the Sun very strongly, but we see white colour because of the combination of all colours of Sun.
  • Stephen and Amanda Mays are the first test tube twins who were on June 5, 1981.
  • The first practical air plane is named as Wright 1905 flyer and it flew for about 33 minutes and 7 seconds to a distance of 20miles on October 4, 1905.
  • Foetuses can hiccup.
  • Epilepsy can start at any age and can result from inheriting a mutant gene.
  • Steam Engine was not really invented by James Watt he made efficient modification in the existing Newcomen steam engine.
  • The temperature at the center of the earth is considered to be nearly 6000 degree Celsius.
  • A human body contains about 200000 temperature detectors.
  • Women have many taste buds than man.
  • The equilibrium force is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the resultant vector.
  • The super glue was invented by an accident while using cyano-acrylate
  • Transverse wave particles vibrate perpendicular to the wave direction back and forth.
  • Appearance of liquid air is bluish tint and also like water.
  • Cosmic rays that reach earth are 90% protons.
  • Liquid tide laundry glows under black light.
  • Rockets work under the principle of Newton’s third law.

  • Moon is drifting away from us.
  • Babies are born without knee caps and they appear at the age of 3-6 years.
  • The term Robot was coined by Karel Capek a Czech writer in his play. The term Robotics was coined by Isaac Asimov in 1941 in a science fiction story “Liar”.
  • Our human eyes can distinguish about one million colours.
  • Eiffel tower always leans away from the sun because heat expands the metal.
  • Human hear can bear up to 110 decibels.
  • Universe may be Infinite or Finite.
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