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Origin of God, Does God have Origin? Was God Evolved?

First of all before going into the subject of Origin of Almighty God, one important fact we must aware of is that humans with limited and sinful mind cannot fully understand the Supernatural God, HIS power and qualities. A newly born infant cannot fully understand its parents similarly No human or living thing on earth can understand the Supreme Being God fully.

Does God have origin?

The above question is one of the important question for which every living thing on earth should seek answer because all living things are created in a way of depending on others and believing on true things that cannot be seen. Most importantly people who believe in god are in search of this answer for centuries to prove that god is eternal and HE does not have origin. Scientific people like Atheists and evolutionists who don’t believe in God are trying to prove the belief of God is false by asking this question of God’s origin and make people to drift away from god. What do you think, does God have origin? Was Almighty God who created universe evolved? Scroll down for satisfaction answer…

Origin of God

Was God evolved?

As stated early humans cannot fully understand the nature of Almighty God because we have limited powers and abilities. Atheists and evolutionists puts down the question that if all living things are created and have an origin, then why not God? Who Created god? How did he evolve? Hearing these kinds of questions many people loses their faith in God, but the truth is God neither Evolved nor createdbecause HE is God. HE exists as HE exists.

God has no Origin

God was not created or evolved

Surely by hearing the answer that God has no origin can confuse people because human brain cannot handle those extreme situations of Supernatural and cannot understand the fact fully. But the True is God does not have Origin. You can ask how? Some of the facts and evidences that support God has no origin are as follows:
God meaning is “cannot be created” hence HE is god
If God was created or evolved HE cannot be God
If God have origin he should have Death too so HE cannot be God, which seems no possibility

 Evidence that God has no Origin

Now we are going to see two examples or facts from which you can be convinced that God was not created.

Example 1: The Universe that created by God has 11 dimension or 11D views and hence till date we cannot understand the progress and process of universe, its accuracy and laws. Factors like time dilation, olber’s paradox cannot be understood by humans that created by God, then how could humans fully understand God? Say for example Time, No one can say exactly at what time all the process of creation and expansion of universe started, that is no one can argue that the whole time period of universe was started form this particular second also the factor time prevails eternally. We cannot say that time was started this second and going to end in this particular second. Even after destruction of whole universe the time will prevail eternally and we cannot dent that fact. Then what about God? If the Time has no origin and end, then how could God have an Origin, The creator of time? This shows God does not have origin…

Example 2: All living and non living things that are created have an end; they become sinful, unbelievable in their activities and do not follow moral standards of God. The fact that they are visible and have a sinful origin shows their imperfection. But as we know God is perfect and cannot be seen by the naked eyes of humans. God’s perfection and insusceptible to sinful actions and thoughts also extreme pureness reveals that God cannot be created by any other powers, HE is God and God does not have an Origin…

As said or Recorded in a Holy book, God is Alpha and Omega, the One who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty and does not have an origin and cannot be created.

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