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God’s Presence, Does God Exist? , facts and Myth of God

For around centuries, may be from the time man had entered this marvellous world, the important question or debate of existence of God and proof that god exists still prevails. But a satisfaction answer with enough evidence is what people living with hardships expect to get and still searching for it…what do you think? Does God Exist? If God’s presence is proven what impact will it make? Scroll Down for answer…

Does God Exist?

Facts and Myth of God

God fact

What does the world God implies: The word God Literally has many meanings, one popular meaning or synonym of God is that, “who cannot be created” and many other meaning like “the creator and ruler of the universe including earth and humans”, also God is known as “Supreme Being”. But what makes sense is that based on ancient Vedic and holy books,” God is a power who cannot be packed in Idols or just Natural objects created by Him and HE is an almighty power who cannot been seen with naked eyes of humans, but only dwelling in heavens”. Many People ask how do we know god exists? everyone can find answer for that if they search.

Myths of God

People lived on pre historic times believed in some sort of power that controls them; they had a feeling of worshipping the objects which they felt was far more powerful than them. Natural objects like Sun, Moon, stars and even idols made by them were worshipped by those people and even still now on some places. Ancient people like Mayans, Civilized Mesopotamians and Canaanites etc…worshipped what they think God in their way of Life style.

Golden Calf idol hd image

 cruel God idol image

 Some of the myths of God that prevailed and prevails among people are:

God does not exists
God is Cruel
If God exists he is responsible for these hardships in life
God may have origin, so God is not God
God does not Care for people
God can be worshipped from Natural Objects and Objects made by them

But what do you think? Do you think the same way as people around thinks…Does God exists?

Facts of Almighty God

God Exist

Though many people still debates the Presence and existence of God the truth cannot be denied...the way we were made or created, the decision making ability given to us, the strong, powerful and beautiful Natural objects around us, the vast and accurate natural laws of universe, the way living things survive, perfect food chain, ability to reproduce life by living things, our heart and mind proves that God is present. All these good things are given to us only by god. Get some free times and watch the clear sky on night, u will feel the power and tender love of God by seeing those awesome stars, feel your mother’s or loved ones love you can feel God’s love in them…the ability to show love on others cannot be just evolved from non-living things supported by evolutions. Some true facts of God are:

God is lovable
He truly cares for us
He hates no one
God exists
Protect people who believe and love Him
Cannot be worshipped from objects and idols
He is eternal, no origin and Almighty
Not visible for naked eyes of people

 God Exists

By the message given by nature around us, our way of showing love to others, the way our body functions, Universal natural laws that are accurate, our mind and hearts proves us the God exists and he loves people with his whole heart and waiting for the right time to eradicate these wickedness and battleships of life. So Believe and worship Almighty God Above us. One holy and Vedic book states that

“No House originates on its own it can be created only by humans
Similarly no life or objects originates on its own, only god made them”

Hence God exists

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